5 Normal Things You Do That Are Considered Absolutely Rude Abroad!


Have you ever pointed a finger at something or laughed in public with your mouth open and you teeth showing when you were not in the United States? These normal things are considered extremely rude here!

Different places, different opinions and absolutely crazy way of dealing with what’s rude and what’s not. How am I, a tourist, supposed to know that laughing out loud is considered extremely rude in Japan? Also, in Japan, your teeth shouldn’t be visible when you laugh, well, they forgot to mention where we should hide our teeth when we hear a really good joke, you know. I’m not sure if people really follow these weird rules, but what I do know is that there must be a grumpy old man/woman behind categorizing normal things to be considered extremely rude.

This is sort of a little different from what I usually post, but today when I was at a restaurant, I heard a mother go, “don’t make that noise with your spoon dear, it’s impolite.” The poor child, who should be 5 or 6 was just staring at his food because apparently the spoon was too big for him to hold without making the noise! Anyway, moving on, in some places, it is considered extremely rude if you jump on the floor, because it hurts Mother Earth. Time we find out our precious 5 normal things that we think are normal, but others consider extremely rude!

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Use Your Left Hand Right Here

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