6 Sleepy Dogs Relax Outside An Ordinary House, But Wait Till You See INSIDE!


As we age and begin to reach the years others refer to us as elderly, many of us may end up in a nursing home somewhere being taken care of by trained professionals while were allowed to live out the rest of our days peacefully playing bridge.

Now who says dogs shouldn’t be allowed the came courtesy? A house in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee does just that. As part of the “Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary” This house has forty seven elderly dogs roaming around spending their time doing various activities, both indoor and outdoors, that they feel suits their fancy. they’re network of adoption homes house another 90 plus senior dogs.

Due to the fact many families prefer smaller dogs it can sometimes be difficult to find a home for some of the older dogs out there. The belief that old dogs can’t learn new tricks isn’t necessarily true however. Older dogs can make a great companion for any family and brings it’s own benefits to having as opposed to a younger pup. Older dogs tend to be better trained and have been around people for longer.

A few days ago, Mika asked if we could post a video of Mushy barking. A few days ago, it was not easy to get her to bark, but now she has found her voice. We're not sure if that's going to be a great thing, but it sure is cute. Boy, talk about coming out of her shell 🙂

Posted by Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary on Saturday, January 26, 2013

Therefore they’re much less likely to be aggressive to strangers and aren’t likely to hurt younger children as much as a young dog who doesn’t understand caution. The “Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary” group is working their hardest to raise awareness for senior dogs needing homes however and are doing their best to put all these old dogs in loving and caring homes.

Feature Image Source: Facebook/OFSDS

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