Construction Worker Goes About His Day. But When He Turns The Corner? OMG

Screenshot 2016-03-24 15.25.46

With April Fool’s Day looming just around the corner, the best of the pranksters among us are looking for inspiration, and the rest of us looking are for the pranksters, but it never hurts to be prepared.

The best pranks are little and harmless, though that might depend on who you ask as to how funny or harmless it really was. For example, how much of a scare is “harmless”? Well, these construction workers put that question to a pretty good test that can either give you an idea for your next prank, or maybe a glimpse into what your prankster might be planning.

The men at this construction site had often worried about the proximity to a the woods where bears were known to live. As such, the talk of what would they do if they found a bear on site had come up more than once. So, as the prankster holiday approached, one of the men got a bear costume together and started a plan with his coworkers.

Take A Look At This Man’s Reaction Here!

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