Dog Tries To Come Inside, Now Watch What The Cat Does…LOL

Dog Tries To Come Inside, Now Watch What The Cat Does…LOL

You’ve probably used the term ‘fights like cats and dogs’ before, because it’s generally a truism. Dogs don’t like cats in their business, and the same goes for cats. 

They’re each very territorial, and it’s a rare sight indeed to see a dog and cat enjoying a bit of happy time together, much less deigning to be in the same room as each other! However rare as it is, it does happen, and sometimes it does happen and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that there won’t be an epic battle happening.

But what about a dog who’s actually afraid of a cat? Sounds impossible, right? Check out this hilarious video and you can see the impossible actually seem to happen right in front of you! This beautiful, BIG Boxer hound is probably about 50 lbs, and looks like he’d be a great pick for a guard dog, right?

Well, all he wants to do is come into the room and relax with his owner, but the 5 pound cat next to the bed is staring him down something fierce!

Does He Finally Come Inside? You Won’t Believe This!

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