9 Year Old Boy Starts Singing, But Simon Cowell Stopped Him. Watch What Happened Next


As soon as he went up on stage, he introduced himself and went on to sing the song “Valerie” – by Amy Winehouse, but after just two lines, Simon Cowell said, “You got this really wrong.

Naturally Shaheen was somewhat worried but what he sang next forced Simon Cowell to give him a standing ovation! If you liked this post don’t forget to Like and Share this with your friends!

What’s interesting that this young man currently plays Troy on BBC’s “Grandpa In My Pocket”. Since April 2013, Shaheen Jafargholi has also been working on a new music and he even released an acoustic EP called Acoustic in December 2014!

Featured Image Source: populartubetoday.com

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1,874 Responses to “9 Year Old Boy Starts Singing, But Simon Cowell Stopped Him. Watch What Happened Next”

  1. Bought me to tears im a sucker for a happy ending….

  2. I got goose bumps listening to him. He has a remarkable voice!!!

  3. I dont know what I am looking at and what I am reading. That is not Simon Cowell its Mr Pierce Morgan who is also British and btw was one of the first judges on AGT when it first started

  4. I love it when someone shuts Simon down….especially the little ones.

  5. Great job!

  6. Simon, is a man that knows what He’s doing. When He has stopped all of these people and have given them a second chance, they have shown a new side ( have guided these people to a better choice of song) Simon, knows what He’s doing..

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