She Started Filming Arctic Wolves, But Keep Your Eyes On The Man At The Back.


Many people may see dogs barking as a late night annoyance, that just merely keeps us from our much needed rest. It’s easy to see that side of things when you’ve never fully experienced the original bark of dogs.

Wolves are dogs’ ancient wild ancestors and a common practice among wolves is to howl. They do it for a variety of reasons including, to help communicate with their own pack or even other packs in the vicinity. Wolves are said to howl more for love than for hostility by experts and it’s believed they even incorporate howling in their mating rituals. It may be hard to realize, but the howling of wolves can be a beautiful sound to hear.

This can be shown no better than the harmony created by these three white wolves in this video. Their howls are recorded by a nearby wildlife photographer who risked getting close to these wolves to better hear their beautiful melody. Wolves are dangerous pack animals who have been known to attack humans before, she’s quite lucky they didn’t turn their attention upon her instead.

Wolf howls allow us a small window to glimpse into and begin to understand the inside mechanics of how a wolf pack’s society is run. They portray the feelings a wolf has in a variety of ways that we can’t yet understand and it will take new forms of research to reach a complete understanding of wolves howling habits. One thing is for certain however, wolves make fantastic singers!

Feature Image Source: Arctic Wolfpack Howls (Part 1)

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