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Abused Puppy Mill Dog Gets a New Beginning And When You See How You’ll Be Shocked

This is the story of Esther. Esther was a dog who was dropped off at a puppy mill, and even when the rescuers go to help her they admit that they’ve never seen a dog in with this kind of anxiety and fear. (more…)

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10 Incredible Photos Snapped At The Perfect Time

10 Stunning Photos Snapped At Just The Right Moment There is nothing better than seeing a really good photo that grabs your attention as soon as you see it. Sometimes a picture of a child blowing bubbles, or a puppy running on perfectly green grass can be classified as Pulitzer Prize winning in our hearts.  […]

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Ed SHeeran

Ed Sheeran Surprises Couple At Their Wedding, But That’s Just One Part Of The Story

Imagine planning your wedding, getting everything all set…just about ready to send out all the invitations to your potential guest and the unthinkable happens…what and how would you cope with it? (more…)

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Even Though She Suffers From An Anxiety Disorder She Gave The Judges Chills

As Anna Clendening stepped onto the stage at this America’s Got Talent stage you could see that she was extremely nervous, when she saw the entire audience she was in awe…but what she explained to the judges and audience was even more shocking.  (more…)

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Why Would This Man Make Her Cry…You’ll Be Shocked When You See How

Why Would This Man Make Her Cry…You’ll Be Shocked When You See Why

As the camera scans around the room, you see people smiling, then you see many laughing, and then you see many wiping tears away from their eyes. When you want to live an amazing life you can…you just need to believe it. Nick Vujicic lives his life this way.  (more…)

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