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Presenting 7 Dogs Who Think They’re More Human Than You! Can’t Get Any Real Than That!

How would you react if your dog started acting more like you?! It’s funny, and confusing at the same time, isn’t it? Here’s what it feels like to these people! (more…)

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Top 15 Cutest Dog Pictures In The World! These Dogs Are So Cute You’d Want To Eat Them! Not Literally Though…

Dogs look so cute when they’re playing right? What if you could capture all this cuteness in a photo? Yep! Here are the world’s cutest dog pictures! So cute that I want them all! #12 is absolutely, completely, totally and undeniably cute! (more…)

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15 People Who Decided To Publicly Shame Their Dog’s Behavior

Dog’s have a mind of their own, there is no way to deny it. If you own a dog you know this is 100% the truth. After all that is one reason why many people have a dog in their family, and continue to get new dogs as the years pass on and on. (more…)

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Cats May Be Cute And Cuddly, But Dogs Know That They’re Pure Evil! Here’s Proof!

All this time I was thinking that maybe cats are afraid of dogs, not the other way round! Although cats and cute and cuddly, dogs know for sure that they’re pure evil! Here’s some strong proof! (more…)

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Presenting 10 Dogs with Unique Coats! I Absolutely Love # 5, Which One Do You Like?

These dogs have such amazing and unique coats and special markings that when you see them you won’t be able to forget them! Trust me!  (more…)

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