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He Lost His Son To Cancer – Now He’s Showing The World The Song He Wrote For Him

Have your Kleenex ready for this America’s Got Talent Audition. 25-year old Floridian and singer/songwriter, Johnny Shelton, knows all about love and loss. His son was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare lymph node cancer, and died on his 5th birthday. Johnny always taught his son to value joy and love because the world doesn’t need […]

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His Friends Said He Would Embarrass Himself. He Decided to Prove Them All WRONG!

They said he would completely embarrass himself if he tried out. Each time he filled out the application to send in to the contest he tore up and threw away. He finally built up the courage to go up on stage and try out and when he did there wasn’t a dry eye in the […]

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Even Though She Suffers From An Anxiety Disorder She Gave The Judges Chills

As Anna Clendening stepped onto the stage at this America’s Got Talent stage you could see that she was extremely nervous, when she saw the entire audience she was in awe…but what she explained to the judges and audience was even more shocking.  (more…)

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Why Would This Man Make Her Cry…You’ll Be Shocked When You See How

Why Would This Man Make Her Cry…You’ll Be Shocked When You See Why

As the camera scans around the room, you see people smiling, then you see many laughing, and then you see many wiping tears away from their eyes. When you want to live an amazing life you can…you just need to believe it. Nick Vujicic lives his life this way.  (more…)

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His Mom Interrupted Michael Bublé. The Reason Why Left Him Speechless

During a Michael Bublé concert a Mother stood up at the front of the stage and interrupted the entire show. Michael played along with the Mom, and continued to ask her questions. (more…)

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