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Paddy And Nico Audition Before Simon Cowell. You Wouldn’t Believe Her Age And What She’s Going To Do!

The best part is that they’re going to salsa and you wouldn’t believe the Paddy’s age! She will be your new hero. I guarantee that! (more…)

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When AKNU Went Up On Stage, Simon Cowell Wanted Them Gone. Then His Jaw Dropped!

When AKNU, a musical group, selected their song, Simon Cowell mercilessly told them how much he hated the song they had selected. But when they finished performing, he was asking for more! LOL (more…)

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80 Year Old Auditions In Front Of Simon Cowell, Then His Jaw Drops. UNBELIEVABLE!

Who doesn’t know Simon Cowell?! The English reality TV celebrity is one to be feared especially if he’s going to be auditioning you! But this 80 year old thought otherwise. (more…)

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9 Year Old Boy Starts Singing, But Simon Cowell Stopped Him. Watch What Happened Next

Here’s a toast to Shaheen Jafargholi for standing up and showing the world his talent! Simon Cowell did stop him once, but he’ll never stop him again!  (more…)

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Simon Isn’t Impressed So He Stops Her Audition, Then She Earns A Standing Ovation!

We all know how weird Simon Cowell can be at times and there’s no joke or doubt about the fact that he can be rude. Very rude. Until Jodi Bird turned up.  (more…)

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