This 15 Year Old Made The Judges Cry, But That’s Not The Most Amazing Thing About This Performance

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It doesn’t take long to realize that 15 year old Tristan McIntosh is going to be a talented singer, and for only being 15 years old you can see that she’s going to go pretty far in her music career.

As you’ll soon watch, she sits with her Father and some friends and family and talks about her Mom. As they first start to talk, you can’t decipher whether something happened to her Mother, and that’s why she is unable to see her, but then it becomes clear.

Her Mother is a Soldier for the United States and is stationed overseas and is not able to be there for her audition. Tristan states that her Mother is the reason she’s there and the reason she’s able to perform the way she always has.

Tristan know’s that the time has come and it’s time for her to start her audition and she know’s her Mother is going to be very happy that she’s been able to make it this far.

She starts to play a few chords on the piano and then she starts to sing…and what happens next is remarkable.

Watch how this girl blows the judges away with this surprise ending

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1,400 Responses to “This 15 Year Old Made The Judges Cry, But That’s Not The Most Amazing Thing About This Performance”

  1. Wow it does make you cry. All I can say is wow

  2. A mother love ! God made that happen ! Tears running down my face with Joy 🙂 I thank the motger for her service 🙂

  3. Spell mother wrong sorry

  4. All. I find are advertisements and nowhere to click on the video

  5. I sure wanted to hear her sing. But no joy. Oh well

  6. Totally awesome…one of the best I have seen…WOW

  7. Loved the ending with mom !

  8. So very talented!! This girl has it!

  9. Special. Heart warming. Still weeping.


  11. Why baby why baby wh…y

  12. So happy that she got another chance to sing, she really was Good

  13. Can never get these open

  14. when is the dam show going to start

  15. When I click on it – all that pops up is an article !!!

  16. That made me cry. Loved this whole video!

  17. I saw this the night it aired. It brought tears to my eyes also.

  18. I cant find a place to watch it


  20. She was Awesome, nothing but God.

  21. Oh dear wait for your tears.

  22. Great singing and a wonderful story

  23. Gotta see this one more time.

  24. just sure she didn’t care if she won for singing.she won the grand so happy for this girl.she looked so sad then when her mom came out her whole face.lit up.Now that folks was the grandest oder grandest prizes ever.

  25. Damn, just ruined my makeup, again!

  26. A few weeks later and I found the video. What a beautiful talented young lady. Loved listening to her sing. Heart wrenching to say the least. So happy her mom was brought in to be there for her.

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