This Child’s Letter To His Recently Divorced Parents Will Make You Cry…

This Child’s Letter To His Recently Divorced Parents Will Make You Cry…

It’s very easy to get married to the love of your life, but it’s easier to be divorced. Do you know how it impacts your child? Here’s a child sharing these dark secrets…

Sometimes we take things for granted and we think that maybe things will be better. Then we marry, maybe we fall in love before we marry, maybe after. The one thing in common is that we live under one roof with a different species and sometimes we get along, sometimes we get divorced. Why? There are many, many reasons, but the most weird ones I have personally come across are:

1. She can’t get pregnant – result? Get divorced.

2. She can’t cook well – result? Get divorced.

3. She doesn’t get along with my parent – result? Get divorced.

Nonetheless, The HuffingtonPost went ahead and asked real couples the reasons why they got divorced in the first place and let me tell you, their answers will amaze you:

They got married too young
“I was too young (married at 23 to a 30-year-old) and we simply couldn’t make it work. We became different people from who we were when we first met and had a fairly amicable split. One of our main problems was that we had never really discussed the future properly (in detail, not just ‘oooh, won’t it be nice when we’re old!’) and I think we both assumed a lot about each other’s priorities. For example, I am very urban and he wanted us to move to the countryside. Neither of us was ‘wrong,’ we simply weren’t right for each other.”

She couldn’t imagine having kids with him.
“I realized that I wouldn’t trust him to take care of any kids we might have someday. And then I realized, if I felt that way, why would I trust him around me?”

Can you even imagine these reasons?! Can they be for real?! Now let’s assume that these couples had kids, how would they react when they learn that their parents are about to be divorced?

This Child’s Letter To His Divorced Parents Will Tell You How They React

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