When This Pony Starts Moon Walking You’re Going To Want To Dance!

When This Pony Starts Moon Walking You’re Going To Want To Dance!

The British pony is five years old, and the owner is surprised at Socks newly found fame. The owner describes him as plucky and loving attention!

A skilled Shetland pony dances and moon-walks to the popular 80s Fleetwood Mac’s  Everywhere song. The video, created as an ad for a mobile network 3, has gained millions of views and has brightened the days of many. The pony featured is Socks and is owned by Mari Williamson. The energetic pony can be seen tapping its hooves in beat with the music as well moon-walking to the edge of a cliff, around obstacles, and past fellow horses.

He is  Shetland breed. This breed is characterized by their short legs and thick coats. Shetland ponies are also considered very strong and intelligent. Socks appears to love life and expresses it by moonwalking on the beaches, cliffs, and everywhere he goes. What is moon walking? Moon-walking is a type of dance in which the dancer seems to be walking forward while sliding backwards one foot, or in this case, hoof at a time. Michael Jackson is known for perfecting this type of move in the 1980s.

As he dances through his day we see  Socks play innocent when the farmer drives by in his tractor. In an instant, the dancing stops and the pony pretends to graze on the grass. Just as suddenly as he stops, we see him resume once the farmer is out of sight!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Moon Walking Pony Here!

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