They Wrote Their Vows, But When He Turned To Her Daughter, Everyone Cried


Nobody saw this coming. And when they heard what he had to say to his bride’s daughter, they all cried. 

This is a touching story of Brian, Whitney and her daughter Brielle. Brian and Whitney wrote their own personalized vows and trust me, they were beautiful!

Here are some of Brian’s vows:

The last week has been strenuous, aggravating. We’ve laid awake countless night wondering what this moment would be like and praying that it would be perfect. I’ve come to realize that no matter how much you plan, there’s always something that’s going to be wrong, but that’s also what makes life exciting. I don’t want my life ever with you to ever be perfect because some of my favorite times are the times that don’t go so well! they’re the memories that we look back on. This year on my birthday, you worked so hard to make me my favorite dessert and to bring it to the restaurant, only to find out that the restaurant burned your cobbler to a crisp, but you made him scrape the charcoal off the top and stick some birthday candles and bring it out!

Here are some of Whitney’s vows:

I had prayed to God every night that he would find the perfect man to not only love me, but to love my only girl, he has ore than answered my prayers. You have shown me what true love is…I promise to not only be your wife, but be your best friend and I would promise to try to chew my food quietly and not by your ears because it drives you nuts!…I knew I loved you right from the start, I was scared of how strong my emotions were and insecure about my ability to be a good father for Brielle. Thank you for choosing me to be your wife, thank you for accepting Brielle into your life, and loving her as your own. I couldn’t dream of a better father for my children and I’m so excited to grow our family…

Listen To His Vows to little Brielle
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6 Responses to “They Wrote Their Vows, But When He Turned To Her Daughter, Everyone Cried”

  1. Words alone can not say how amazing this story is.

  2. That was so very precious. It touched my heart deeply

  3. This is the absolute commitment, most beautifule thing I’ve ever heard.

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