11 Years Old Girl Has The Style, But Can She Prove Her Talent?


Sometimes when we see a child perform, it is impressive how talented they are, considering how young they are. That is not the case with this young girl. No, she is talented, no matter what age you want to consider.

When young Asanda Jezile takes the stage, she carries already at 11 years old the confidence of a much older and much more experienced performer. There are no stage jitters for this young woman, and if you think that is merely childish bravado, take a look at this performance she gives for her audition.

The judges looked at first to be a bit skeptical of the petite little girl. Her confidence seems too large to fit in her small, 11 year old frame. The notion that this is going to be some nervous little girl is gone before she even truly begins to sing, as she give the audience a little dance that would do any stage performer proud.

Nothing about this performance seems lacking in practice. From Asanda’s amazing dance moves to her power house voice, this little girl seems like anything but when she takes the stage.

Take A Look At Her Amazing Performance Here!


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