You Need To Listen To This 2 Year Old Singing Adele. It’s One of The Most Adorable Voices Ever


We’re all familiar with Adele and her smash hit song “Someone Like You.” Not only do we all know the song very well but apparently when they used to play it on the radio all the time, children discovered that they loved the song as well.

In this video this adorable little 2 year old girl dressed up in a pink shirt and long bead necklace start to steal the show from her mom filming her sing.

When the chorus comes up in the song, she even closes her eyes and sings just like she’s on stage in front of thousands of fans.

I love the sound of little voices singing popular songs and hearing them say words that they hear but are not actually part of the song…it’s one of the cutest sounds ever.

Listen To Her Little Voice Singing Right Here


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