Loving Dad of 4 STUNS Crowd When He Starts Singing. The looks in his daughters’ eyes – PRICELESS.

Parents always want to see their children succeed, and this dad is taking to the stage to lead by example.

Andrew, 40-year old vending machine salesman and father of 4 wanted to audition for X-Factor to show his kids that they should always “get out and have a go at it.”

From the start, Andrew doesn’t seem like the regular talent show contestant.

He awkwardly introduces himself and you can tell from the start that the audience and judges are preparing themselves for a bad audition.

Even the crowd starts to make faces and gestures that they think he is going to be terrible and should just get off the stage.

Lucky For Us All He DIDN’T

You’ll Never Believe What This Dad Decided To Sing.
It’ll Give You Goosebumps!

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26 Responses to “Loving Dad of 4 STUNS Crowd When He Starts Singing. The looks in his daughters’ eyes – PRICELESS.”

  1. Need more Dads like him

  2. Made me cry!!! What a fantastic voice!!!


  4. He was amazing, his voice was amazing. Would like to know the winner of this show.

  5. Gave me Goosebumps too, wonderful dad, amazing

  6. Proves never to old to let the world no what your about. Well done.

  7. Awesome voice. Very well done.

  8. Couldn;t get to hear anything…just ads to download a tool!!

  9. There is a link below the ad stuff to click on to hear.

  10. He did a beautiful job! His kids will be proud of him!

  11. His family is proud….look at them watching…love and respect for the dad <3

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