6 Dogs That Absolutely Refuse To Take A Bath


Do you have a dog, or know someone that has a dog that absolutely hates to take a bath? If you’ve ever tried to give your dog a bath and have a problem with it…you’ll recognize some of these reactions these dogs have.

Some dogs have their own unique way of telling you they don’t want to take their bath, from barking to growling, and then all the way to hiding under a bed and refusing to come out.

These dogs definitely don’t want to go in that water, no matter how perfect you make the water, and even give them some animal safe bubble to play with.

After seeing these images, you may wonder… Is it easier to get a dog to take their bath, or a stubborn child that wants to finish watching their favorite TV show.

Like This Dog Who Is Trying To Run Away In Mid Air

Or This Dog That Is So Stubborn He Won’t Even Use His Legs To Walk To His Bath

How About This Little Girl That Obviously Already Took Her Bath and Is Not Happy About It At All

Nice Try, But No Suit or Piece Of Clothing, Even If It’s A Santa Clause Suit Is Going To Make This Dog Take A Bath

The “We’re Going To Need a Bigger Tub” Dog That Discovered The Easiest Way To Not Bathe, is to Float Above The Water For As Long a Possible

Or Finally This Guy That Not Only Will Not Get Off The Couch, But Will Trick Their Human By Going To The Other One


If You Like These Short Animated Clips?
Watch The Full Video With Several More Dogs Refusing To
Take a Bath Right Here


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