6 Year Old Pit-Bull Saves 2 Year Old Toddler’s Life – What An Amazing Dog!


A 2 year old little boy wandered off his Grandfather’s farm. At first the grandfather feared the worst, that perhaps the child was kidnapped.

His dog, a 6 year old pitbull who never leaves the boys side was also found to be missing. It was at this point that the grandfather immediately realized that most likely the dog, who’s name is Sugar was most likely with the boy.

After a team of over 300 went out looking for the little boy, they found that not only was the boy OK, but Sugar never left his side and stood by him the entire time he was missing.

The grandfather and everyone involved in the search strongly believe that if it was not for the love and dedication to the little boy from this loyal pit-bull…this story may have ended much worse.

This is a great story, with a happy ending and a loyal pit-bull who definitely got his extra share of “steaks” after this happened according to the grandfather.


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