7 Amazing Hidden Features Of Google You Probably Didn’t Know About! #6 Is Cool!


Do you enjoy searching for stuff on Google? We use Google almost every day in our lives, but there are some amazing hidden features we didn’t know, until now! Check them out!

Every single day, Google answers more than a billion queries from around the world. But there are 7 amazing hidden facts about Google that you might have not known! For example, talk with an alien! It’s true!

#1 The ‘Mars Feature’ on Google Earth 5 allows you to explore the surface of Mars and if you want to talk to an alien, just enter “Meliza” and you’ll be taken to a section of the planet where you can ‘chat’ with a local alien! Of course Meliza is just a chat bot, but its fun 🙂 Try it!


#2. You could tell Google to do a Barrel Roll for you! Just type the phrase “do a barrel roll” into the search box and hit enter. It’s a fun reference to the classic video game Star Fox!


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