8 Facts That You Might Think Are Fake, But Are Totally True! #4 Will Make You Do A Google Search!


Here are some amazing facts that you probably had no idea were even real. I was pretty shocked about the fourth one, but the 7th one really made me think if there was another motive to the name…see what I mean now.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to challenge your ideas and facts, this healthy dose of true facts is going to blow your mind. You might have never heard of some, some are just bizarre and weird and others are, well, just plain hilarious! Let’s start with two on this page, the others are on the next page!

#1. Did you know that Japanese farmers grow square watermelons only because they stack better?! While the watermelons are still growing in their vines, they put them in square glass cases to give them a square shape. Now you’ll have more room in your refrigerator!


#2. Although Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone that changed how the world communicated, he never once called his mother or his wife because they were both deaf. In fact, the whole idea for him was to create some kind of hearing devices for them, but he ended up inventing the telephone instead!


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