80 Year Old Auditions In Front Of Simon Cowell, Then His Jaw Drops. UNBELIEVABLE!


 We did learn that Janey Cutler died at age 82, and she made it to the finals of the TV talent show.

Her 43 year old son Drew said,

She was a brilliant mum, granny and great-granny who lived for her family, friends and her dog Tara, who was with her when she died. We were all devastated because we weren’t expecting it. She was always very happy and healthy and very rarely got ill.

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Featured Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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  1. D@ was amazing! Shes amazing! An 80-yr-old with a voicebox stl working properly! @ my age i feel my pitch s getting lower each yr. F GOD lets me live her age im sure my pitch s alrdy vry lowww. I hav a friend n Smule, mr Mike Lord, a professional singer though, who also stl hits d notes perfectly despite d yrs.
    I take my hat off, Ms Janey…my respect.

    • Tim,
      You have to click on the sentence in large green letters above the last advertisement. It’s a link that will take you to the page where the video is.


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