9 Year Old Boy Cries During His Audition, But When He Starts Singing… WOW


The only thing more touching than a kid with tremendous talent is a kid overcoming his fear, and this video has both.

Malakai is only nine years old in this video, and still battling stage fright. Fear of speaking or performing in public is one of the most common fears listed when people of almost every nation are polled. This fear stops some of us from chasing that dream, or asking for that promotion, or telling that special someone how we feel.

Malakai has the support of an amazing mom. She talks to him about his fears in the lobby, reminding him that he his talented and amazing, and the judges would never buzz him. Sending him all that positive reinforcement helps, but nothing could have prepared the young lad for how big that stage actually is.

You can see the fear in his steps and hear it in his voice as Malakai begins his performance. He does well, but all of a sudden his nerves get to him and he begins crying.

Take A Look At His Breathtaking Performance Here!



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