A Dog Catcher And A Dog On Britain’s Got Talent Will Teach You An Important Lesson! Simon Cowell Agrees Too!


This time Britain’s Got Talent had an unusual audition – a dog catcher and a dog. But what they leave behind will leave you smiling! Check this out!

During the Britain’s Got Talent audition no one was expecting a dog catcher and a dog to come for the audition. Then when they came, no one was expecting them to do this! Jules, who plays the role of a dog catcher, trained her amazing pet dog Matisse so well that he literally nailed the entire routine on stage! Not only is this very creative, it also tells the world that even dogs have hearts – no one likes to be caged 🙂

Take A Look At Jules And Her Pet Dog Matisse Mesmerizing The Audience And Simon Cowell Too!


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