A Dog Walks Up To The Counter At A Bank And Does The CUTEST Thing!


Not many of us enjoy going to the bank, but then again very few of us have trips to the bank like this.

This gorgeous Golden Retriever must have one of the best banks around, and the tellers there don’t seem to mind their clientele so much either. The Golden is a regular here. So much so that the people keep treats for her behind the counter. Whenever her human comes in to make a deposit, this smart pup makes a few withdraws from her cookie bank. The tellers don’t just hand over the cookies though. Like any chore, even dogs have some hoops to jump through.

Well, there aren’t any real hoops, but there is plenty of jumping. The dog is just big enough to stand and look over the counter, and so makes the transaction look even more authentic. The tellers make her prance one way, and then the other, and finally one last big bounce to be sure she really wants the cookie.

Take A Look At This Awesome Video Here!


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