A Giant Moose Was Stuck In Ice. But When Rescuers Come Up With This Plan? Unbelievable!


Winter weather can really take its toll on the people of Spokane, Washington, but the animals can have it even worse. In such harsh conditions, however, we can really see the hearts of men.

The looming threat of freezing is shared by all living things, so when people come across an animal about to freeze to death, the humanity in us pushes us to act. Out on Loon Lake, a 2 year old bull moose fell through a soft spot in the ice. These can form over natural currents, sand bars, or where the ice had previously been cut for an ice fishing shanty.

This moose was just big enough that when he fell through, he could keep himself afloat and warm, but not touch bottom to push himself back up on the ice. With just his head poking up out of the ice, the first people that saw the moose were in a bit of a shock. Authorities were called, and after some organization, the rescuers set to the task with oars, chainsaws, boats, and ropes.

Now See What The Moose Does To Drop Everyone’s Jaw Here!


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