Adorable Cockatoo’s Method To Escape A Vet Visit Is Just Too EPIC!


The debate was so hysterical I’m dying to know what ensued after the cockatoo was locked behind the bars of his cage!

The word vet can be so volatile to a pet that it creates an instant panic and scramble for an escape. Even whispered, pets seem to feel a sense of foreboding in the air and do their best to find their best hiding spots and deploy their best evasion tactics.

Here we see a parrot try to talk his owner out of the dastardly idea. The white parrot sprints up the stairs with his owner close behind and is heard squeaking out the reasons why going to the vet’s is a bad idea.

The owner patiently reminds the bird why the trip is necessary and that he really should go get his toenails done. The bird listens intently only to start up a second later. Cocking his head to one side he finally appears to understand.

Now Take A Look At This Cockatoo’s Reaction Here!


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