Adorable Kitten Found Under Layers of Filth


A small act of kindness is powerful enough to save a life. And for a small downtown Los Angeles Kitten it did just that.

When Cynthia,a caring passerby noticed a shivering kitten huddled near the corner of a building, her heart reached out and saved a life. With the extraordinary amount of grime covering the kitten’s fur, it took Cynthia two looks to ascertain that this was indeed a kitten.

It would appear that fate was on the kitten’s side that day. Had Cynthia parked in the building’s parking structure, she would have missed the kitten completely. By parking on the outside she was able to spot the kitten. And by reacting, she saved the cat from a miserable and lonely death.


She picked up the kitten delicately as she wasn’t sure if the kitten was seriously injured. Upon closer inspection Cynthia noticed a small cut under an eye and that the kitten was without a doubt dirty, hungry, and most likely dehydrated.

Now Watch This Kitten’s Magical Transformation Here!


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