This Adorable Pitbull Is Afraid Of Walking Through Doors So He Conquers His Fears In A Hilarious Way!


Next time you’re afraid of walking through the door, do what this pitbull has done! 

This is the story of Queso, a pitbull who definitely looks brave and strong, but he;s totally afraid of walking through the doors! According to what his owner, Rhiannon Hamam said, Queso is afraid of everything, including the kitchen floor, the printer and finally the door! His owner was quoted saying, “Pit bulls are totally vicious, right? Our scary pit bull, Queso, is afraid of lots of things, like the kitchen floor, the printer, and doorways. But Queso is a survivor! He deals with his fear of walking into a room (terrifying!) by walking in backwards!” In the video below you’ll see how Queso manages to conquer his fears and he came up with a perfect solution to walk through the doors!

Check this out!

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