Adorable Pup Lifts His Head Over The Table. When I Realized What He Was Doing? OMG!


Peek-a-Boo, or some variation, is played by kids all over the world. For a short, magical time, children really do seem to think that when they can’t see us, we’ve disappeared.

The game is great, but did you know that dogs play it too? Well, at least this dog plays it; and the video is just too adorable not to share. This little English Bulldog pup is named Benny. Benny lives with an amazing family, and they all seem to have a pretty fun attitude. The humans, relaxing one night, noticed Benny poking his head out at them from behind the furniture one night.

As soon as the looked, he would pull his head back, and then slowly start peek-a-booing at them again. The pup seemed to love the game so much they finally set up a camera on the table to try to capture it on film. The result is an instant classic. The big, wrinkly forehead and brow precede his cute little face as he raises his head so he can look above the table, where the camera is.

Slowly and cautiously, his little eyes poke over the edge of the table. They hang there just long enough for him to say “hi”, before he darts his head back down out of sight!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!


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