All These Cats Have The Same Hilarious Reaction To Ice-Cream


Watching these cats get a brain freeze kind of makes me feel bad that I am laughing this hard. You know they are enjoying the ice-cream so much, not really knowing that sooner or later that horrible brain freeze sensation is coming.

The cats that I really love are the ones who get the brain freeze but stop for a few seconds and continue on licking. You know we have all been there.

You get a huge brain freeze that lasts, for what it seems forever, and the minute the brain freeze goes away you continue stuffing your face. It’s not uncommon for me to suffer several brain freeze moments when eating my favorite ice cream LOL

Does it make me a bad person that I want to run to my freezer and try this on my cat, just to see if mine will do it too 🙂


Source: RokHollywoodTwins


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