Babies and Toddlers Reacting to The New Star Wars Trailer – Watch It Now

When those iconic words scroll up the screen. The background, all stars and words telling you of the struggles with the galaxy and the forces trying to fight to destroy it, and those trying to save it…you know in just a few nano-seconds what you’re seeing…

You’re seeing the very beginning of all the old star wars movies. It’s unmistakable, and has and will forever be a scene in almost any movie where all you need to do is hear the music and see a few words flash on the screen and scroll.

No people, no characters yet, just the music and the words. That’s how popular and iconic Star Wars is for many people.

These are the reactions of babies and toddlers seeing the trailer for the first time, just like we did. 

See Their Hilarious and Exciting Reactions Right Here

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