Baby And Puppy Are Sharing A Secret, But When They Look Up? OMG!


If you need a cuteness overload to get your day started check out this heartwarming video of a baby and puppy meeting for the first time!

Known by the the popular title as man’s greatest friend, dog’s have fulfilled this role time, and time again. Their dedication to their owners and ability to sense and lift moods is astounding.

Here we see two babies meeting each other for the first time and establishing a bond that will last them years to come. A little baby is seen sitting near a couch while a puppy lies at his feet. Their curiosity in each other is evident as the pup tries to lick the baby and the baby to hold the pup. Adorable is the only way to describe this interaction.

They first study each other by looking at each other before the the puppy proceeds to sniff the baby’s tummy and the baby leans forward to clutch the puppies face.

Watch The Full Video Here! >>


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