Baby Elephant Nears A Man And Does The Most Unbelievable Thing EVER!


Babies are adorable, and it really doesn’t matter the size.

Though we often see cute baby humans, cats dogs, and other tiny animals in videos online that would make us say “dawww” the cutest of the baby animals may be bigger than a full grown man. Yes, the world has yet to realize, but the more baby there is, the more baby there is to love! This baby elephant will make you want a giant pachyderm so badly that you may just run off and live in the zoo!

The baby elephant is getting used to being around people, and probably has been raised in captivity for whatever reason. The baby looks as if he is wearing some kind of collar, so it is probably a part of some conservation movement that helps babies without mothers. But in this 4 minute video we can see that this baby is anything but depressed and alone.

Very obviously, the baby pachyderm just wants some loving. He loves to be pet, held, cuddled, and in general shown affection. The man in the video doesn’t know what he’s in for, though, when he starts petting the baby.

Take A Look At This Adorable Video Here!


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