Can 6 Year Old Connie Impress Simon In His Foul Mood?


Simon is in a foul mood but that doesn’t dissuade an adorable six year old from putting a smile back on his face.

Kids are are naturally cute and add to the fact that Connie is missing her two front teeth you have a true awe moment when she crosses the stage. Being cute, however, isn’t enough to get a yes from the judges.

Does Connie, who has been singing from age two, really have incredible singing skills? We’re about to find out…after all, she’s been singing for 75% of her life so far:)

Simon is skeptical and and when the little girl is asked whether or not the queen would like to hear her sing, the adorable six year old shrugs and says, “I don’t know”.

Simon comments that it is the first honest answer he’s heard all day and tells her to start.

Now Take A Look At What Happens When She Starts Singing!



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