Can You Find All 7? This May Be One Of The Most Difficult “Find The Difference” Games Ever


This may be one of the most difficult “Find The Difference” games we’ve ever seen. Although we may be a bit biased, after all we did create this image to find the difference.

There are 7 small but unique changes in this photograph.

We’ve asked several people to find the changes, and so far no one has been able to find all 7. This is not as simple as you may think it is, but we promise there are definitely 7 differences in these 2 images.

I will let you know that we didn’t change any of the colors around, so if you guess the grass or windows are different colors, you would be wrong.


architecture find

A few of these changes are very small, but once you find them you will see that they are  pretty significant changes.

Take your time, and study the images closely…we promise there are 7 changes.

If you’re really struggling and can’t take it anymore
you can find the changes on the next page.


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