Cat Finds An Orphaned Rabbit. What She Does Next Broke The Internet.


Sometimes there is nothing else to be done but to make the best of a bad situation and hope for the best.

That was the case when this family was faced with a severe tragedy, one that could have meant the end for their youngest family member, Bubbles. Bubbles the rabbit was only a week old when her mother died. Too young to be on her own, and much to young to eat whole foods, things looked pretty grim until the motherly instincts of the coolest cat in the world kicked in to save the day.

Snaggle Puss, the cat, also had a litter of her own to look after, but the new mother couldn’t just let the poor baby sit around, get cold and die. No, she instead broke all the stereotypes about cats and rabbits and adopts the poor little fur-ball to come and be a part of her own family.

Much to the shock of everyone, the situation not only works, but is working so well that they really don’t think they can separate the two of them now without causing some emotional stress.

Take A Look At This Adorable Video Here!


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