Cat Takes ALL The Jobs In The House, But Watch And See What He Can Do… LOL!


Cats aren’t often referred to as a working animal. A working animal is one who is normally kept for it’s ability to perform tasks humans aren’t as apt to perform.

A good example is a strong horse pulling equipment for a farmer or providing quick transportation. Another animal often used as a working animal is dogs. They are often kept to safeguard houses or farms and to herd animals into their place. These animals tend to be intelligent and trainable. Yet one no one normally considers a working animal is the cat. In this video however, this cat is showing that.

While it may not have the territorial instincts of a dog or the pure power of a horse, it still has it’s own unique set of talents that is can contribute just as readily to the house. Throughout the video you can see the cat performing various tasks in a funny and quite interesting manner that speaks to the belief that cats are on their own level completely when it comes to creativity. Need help checking gravity? Done. Need help fluffing up the clothes a bit? Got that one too.

Cats can be shown contributing in their own unique way around the house, especially in ways that could certainly be considered unconventional. Yet we all need someone behind the scenes performing these special tasks for us and no one can do them any better than our own trusted feline companions. Thanks cats for everything you do, it’s certainly appreciated!

Feature Image Source: ShortyandKodi



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