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Can You Find All 7? This May Be One Of The Most Difficult “Find The Difference” Games Ever

This may be one of the most difficult “Find The Difference” games we’ve ever seen. Although we may be a bit biased, after all we did create this image to find the difference. There are 7 small but unique changes in this photograph. We’ve asked several people to find the changes, and so far no […]

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What If Your Dog Could Text? I Fell Off My Chair When I Read #4! This Is EPIC!

These top 20 dog texts are so hilarious I can’t believe it! I started laughing from the moment I read the first one, but I fell off when I read #4! This will definitely make you laugh out loud!  (more…)

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10 Incredible Photos Snapped At The Perfect Time

10 Stunning Photos Snapped At Just The Right Moment There is nothing better than seeing a really good photo that grabs your attention as soon as you see it. Sometimes a picture of a child blowing bubbles, or a puppy running on perfectly green grass can be classified as Pulitzer Prize winning in our hearts.  […]

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Here Are 10 Of The Funniest Auto Correct Fails In The History Of Fails! LOL

What happens when a person thinks LOL means ‘Lots of Love’ and they send out a message to everyone that reads, ‘Grandma just passed away, LOL”. Here are some hilarious auto correct fails! (more…)

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