Cats May Be Cute And Cuddly, But Dogs Know That They’re Pure Evil! Here’s Proof!


All this time I was thinking that maybe cats are afraid of dogs, not the other way round! Although cats and cute and cuddly, dogs know for sure that they’re pure evil! Here’s some strong proof!

Those of you who own both a dog and a cat, you know that cats can be very mean! Now I had a dog and a cat, but at that time, the cat was afraid of the dog, very afraid that as soon as she saw him, she’d sneak under the cupboards and this reminded me a lot of the Tom & Jerry cartoons!

But today, the case is different – these cats probably held a meeting, did some meditation and learned how to conquer their fear – the dog. And now it’s time for the dog to fear! Here are some cats who won’t allow the dog to pass just because they say so!

Click Here To See How These Cats Managed To Freak Dogs In The Most Hilarious Way Ever!


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