Child Grows Up With 2 Gorillas. 12 Years Later When They Reunite? I’m Crying.


There has been many videos confirming that animals of all sorts do indeed remember their human pals, even after extended periods of time in the wild.

Seeing their friend, years later, maybe with some more gray in their hair, time and again animals reach out to reconnect with their old friends. So, when Damian Aspinall tried to seek out two gorillas that he helped raise and then release into the wild, several years after their release, he had high hopes that they would remember him.

After spending several days looking up and down the river where he suspected that they were living, he and his crew finally spotted them. The gorillas came right out to the river when they heard his voice, and immediately you can see smiles on their faces.

Clearly, they both remember this man and all that he did for them. Pulling the boat on land, he goes to interact with his old friends  while his crew stays in the boat, for both safety and a good spot to film.

See How The Gorillas Showed Their Genuine Recognition And Happiness Here!


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