Couple Adopt A Neglected Orphan Then Learn The Shocking Truth Behind Her Identity


Trigger Warning! Child neglect is a horrible situation, and when police need to step in the child’s chances for a second chance at life is at stake.

In the worst cases, what has been done to these children will break your heart, and may be, unfortunately, a permanent scar on the child’s life. The children can become lost in the adoption process, with some of the children who need help the most being ignored due to their increases perceived difficulty in raising.

The case of Dani was the worst case of child abuse many have ever seen. Found at age 7 in a squalid house filled with insects and animals, Dani had probably never left the house. She was referred to as a feral child, because she could not even speak or take care of herself in any kind of way.

Amid other, higher functioning children, many adoptive parents were scared away because of that difference. That was until Dani met Bernie and Diane, an amazing couple who saw past the challenges and saw the little girl inside, wanting to get out.

Take A Look At What Happened Next Here


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