Court Reporters List the Most Hilarious Things Lawyers Actually Said In Court

When people think of Lawyers, they typically think of schools like Harvard Law School, Standford, Yale University. If you run into someone who tells you what they do for a living and they say “I’m an Attorney,” many of us, myself included, automatically associate them as smart, assertive, and quite possibly – having a good job and get paid loads of money.

After all, when watch a movie or TV show that is going over a courtroom drama, we see these lawyers and attorneys and they always seem to appear like they are the coolest and most collected people in the room as well as the judge.

But sometimes we need to realize that…

Some Lawyers and Attorneys are Not The Smartest People in the Room!

Think about this for a moment…that was an actual conversation that took place in a real courtroom.

Here is another that will make you wonder where some of these Lawyers got their license to practice law LOL.

Attorney: She Had 3 Children right?
Witness: Yes.
Attorney: How many were boys?
Witness: None.
Attorney: Were there any girls?
Witness: Your Honor I think I need a different lawyer, can I have a new lawyer!

That’s right, this was an actual cross-examination, in court with the Attorney’s client. So the next time you meet a lawyer at a party or hear someone say “He or She has to be smart, they’re an Attorney” you can point them over to the video on the next page.

The more I watched the video, the more I had to shake my head and wonder LOL

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