What This Dad Does For His Autistic Son Is So Inspiring – I Was In Tears


There are some small business owners that go above and beyond with how they build and grow a business. Some go out and look for workers that they can pay cheaply and get high turnover rates and new employees applying weekly to fill in the gaps, and some look for the best workers they can to help grow a business.

Some people look for certain characteristics in a person, good phone skills, people person, pays attention to details, multi-tasking…the list goes on and on.

For this family owned Car Wash a Father did more than just look for great employees…he looked for something to give his autistic son a feeling or purpose and pride.

Today this car wash employs over 45 people, of which 38 are in the autism spectrum, and every one of them love their job, and do an absolutely awesome job at it.

In this 4:30 mini documentary, you hear from a brother, and a Father who have built a fantastic business in their area. You hear why they did it, and you also get to see how their incredible employees have not only found an awesome and purposeful job, but how they have become part of an incredible family all working together happily and skillfully.

Watch This Eye Opening and Inspiring Video Right Here.


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