Dad Snapped A Photo Of His Little Girl. But What’s That Behind Her Back?

Some of the most iconic animals in the advertising world are the Clydesdale horses. They size, power, and majestic bearing have done well to make some amazing commercials, but they have never quite went viral this way.

The story goes that this little girl was visiting an amusement park with her family. Upon seeing the horses, the mother obviously wanted to get some pictures of the daughter next to this iconic image. The stage coach and actor in costume to complete the scene, it was all very picturesque.

Mom and Dad take turns snapping photos of the young girl petting the horses noses, and standing with the conductor, and finally had come back for one more photo with the horse that had seemed the most friendly. What they didn’t know is that this horse has a sense of humor and was about to throw out the best photobomb in the history of horse photobombing.

After she lined up with the horses, the little girl turns around and gives her best smile. Her dad snaps the shot, her never knowing that she was just in a photo that would take the internet by storm. Some people are saying this is proof that animals have a sense of humor, others believe it was just great photography, but all agree that this is a great photo, and this little girl can hang it on the wall with pride!

Whether it is a photobomb or not, it is more than obvious why profile pics now-a-days feature so many animals: they’re much cuter than we are!

Feature Image Source: Above Science

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