Daddy Asked His Children To Smile, But The Dalmatian Broke the Internet!


Family portraits are always an ordeal for the majority of parents. Getting your children to look at the camera and smile is a challenge let alone adding family pets into the picture.

If children have a hard time sitting and looking straight at the camera, what can you expect from a pet? Keeping everyone grounded in one spot is often a feat in and of itself. One family, however, seemed to take it all in-stride.

Both the daughter and Gabby, the dalmatian in the photoshoot, where told to smile.  The dog, quickly bares her teeth in a toothy grin for the camera the moment she hear’s her owner ask to see her pretty smile.

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Her enthusiastic attempts at smiling brings a genuine smile to everyone’s face creating the perfect moment to snap that picture. The dog’s joyful response to his owners request and enthusiastic tail wagging from the lavish praise made everyone smile with amusement!

This Video is Hilarious. Take A Look At This Toothy Baby Here In The Full Video. It’s Great!


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