Dad’s Horse Started Acting Strange. But When Dad Neared Him? I Don’t Believe THIS.


Have you ever watched children play outside when they believe there’s no one watching?

The simple joy you witness on their faces as they continue to play various games only understandable to their young imaginations is something that can’t be replicated or faked. Yet that’s the best way I can find to describe the playful going-ons of this horse and dog. Two best friends if I ever did see any.

The horse, named Whiskey Brown, is only four years old and throughout the video acts every year of it. He is seen using his superior size to tease his dog friend with a ball in his mouth. He then carries on chasing and being chased by his friend and even mimics very dog like behaviors such as sitting down and rolling around in the dirt in a very dog like fashion.

The two show no signs of tiring and tease each other in a way reminiscent to the way life long friends are able to keep one another company and still find satisfaction in the mere presence of each other.

Take A Look At This Epic Video Here, You’ll Love It!


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