Did You Know That 1 In 4 Dogs Suffer From Depression?


We all have our off days, but when some times it can go beyond just being sad and venture into full fledged depression.

We know the warning signs in humans, but did you know that dogs also can get depressed and that there are some signs that you can watch out for to help identify and help treat depression in your dog. Doing these simple things can help keep your dog the bundle of joy that he should be.

As many as 1 in 4 dogs are depressed, and the causes of depression in dogs are as varied as they are for humans. Maybe the most obvious reason for depression in a dog is illness, which can make them feel helpless and turn to us for help.

However, loosing a companion, big changes in the house, or a depressed human in the house can drag a dog down. Sometimes the answer is as simple as weather changes; being stuck inside more due to rain or snow can really drain our pals.

Take A Look At The Video Here To Learn The Signs, Symptoms And Cures



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