Did You Know This About Pitbulls – 1:24 in This Video Is Proof, Thank You Science!


When you think about dogs, all dogs in general…most people think about the dogs that the general public feels are the safest and most well behaved dogs.

Golden Retrievers
Border Collies

Most people don’t associate Pitbulls as a gentle dog…that is unless you personally know and have a Pitbull in your family. Pitbull owners are well aware of this breeds loving nature, their devotion, and loyalty.

Unfortunately pitbulls have been given a bad name for decades and in some areas are banned. That’s right banned, Pits can’t even be a part of the family…they can not be a family dog.

This is extremely upsetting, and discouraging…especially for Pitbull families.

I was looking around for some videos of pitbulls and stumbled across this one, and what I learned about halfway through the video was not only something I personally knew, but was actually proven by a team.

Pitbull Lovers Are Going To Love This – Watch It Here!


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