This Dog Was Almost Euthanized, But They Rescued Him At The Last Minute – Watch His Amazing Transformation


Back in November of 2011 a shelter in Georgia was holding their “Pardon Week” which tries to get as many people to come in and help either foster a dog or find a permanent home or they would have to be Euthanized.

As you can imagine this was a great thing, but also a very terrible thing to have to wait and see what happened.

As many of the dogs were being rescued there were a few within the very last few days that did not look like they were going to be save. One of these dogs was “Jimmy.”

Jimmy was a very scared and nervous dog and this was mainly the reason why many people chose not to pick Jimmy when they were doing their rescues.

Fortunately one man did, and tell the entire story from start to finish in this video.

Don’t Miss It – This is one of the most Heartwarming Dog Transformation Stories I’ve Seen.

Watch it Right Here


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